what to do with simmer pot water

what to do with simmer pot water

Reuse Simmer Pot Water: 10 USES

One of the quickest and easiest ways to infuse a stronger flavor and fragrant aroma into foods during cooking is with a simmer pot. The hot water in the pot releases the ingredients you add like herbs, spices, citrus rind, and more, allowing you to create wonderful dishes that you’d be hard-pressed to replicate without one.

While the purpose of a simmer pot is for it to evaporate and ultimately be consumed, this water has many multiple uses to make your life easier. Here are 10 incredible ways to reuse simmer pot water:

1) Clean

The fantastic hot water can cut through grease and other debris. Use to wipe down kitchen counters and appliances to get rid of pesky food residue and sticky fingerprints. Scrub with just a soft rag or wipe to remove and unwanted dirt.

2) Pet Care

Use this life-saving water to give your pet a quick cleanse and rinse. The water is especially effective at removing any product buildup such as toothpaste from their fur.

3 ) Plant Care

If your sick plants are in need of some extra TLC, use the simmer pot water to give them some nourishment. Temperature of the water should be cool or room temperature to help prevent plant shock.

4) DIY Cleaning Solutions

The hot water can come to your rescue if you need to clean tough messes. Make a DIY degreaser and bathroom cleaner by adding a few teaspoons of baking soda.

5) Pre-Soak Laundry

The fragrant liquid can soften up most fabrics, especially when pre-soaking more delicate items like lingerie and swimwear.

6) Directional Steam

Need to remove any wrinkles in clothing? Use the steam from the simmer pot water to smooth out any unwanted creases in shirts, pants, and skirts without an iron.

7) Remove Stains

The hot water can be used to break down dirt from fabrics and can also help to weaken smaller stubborn stains such as lipstick, foundation, and even red wine. Let clothing soak for 30 minutes and then rinse.

8) Hair Care

The infused herbs, spices, and citrus give the water a great scent, so why not use it to spruce up dull hair? Use it after shampooing to hydrate split ends and make your hair more alive and vibrant.

9) Infuse Food

Have flavorful leftovers from your simmer pot? Don’t throw it out, use it to cook more delicious dishes. This liquid tastes great and is surprisingly versatile, making it perfect to use it in recipes like pork stew, chili, and even a marinade.

10) Refill Simmer Pot

After all the uses above, there’s still plenty of water left, so why not use that to refill your simmer pot and make your kitchen smell great all over again.

Overall, the uses for simmer pot water are limitless, making this is an excellent way to be economical and reuse the fragrant liquid for many different purposes.