what to do with tulip bulbs in pots after flowering

what to do with tulip bulbs in pots after flowering

What to Do with Tulip Bulbs in Pots after Flowering

It is always exciting to witness tulips bloom and flower in all their beautiful magnificence. But then what? After they have spent some time in the spotlight, these stunning flowers need proper care to help them flourish for another year. It is easy to let your glorious tulip bulbs languish in their containers, but to get them to bloom again, you have to take a few steps. So, what should you do with your tulip bulbs after flowering?

Time for Dormancy

Tulip bulbs need to go through a period of dormancy in order to be ready to bloom again. This is the perfect time to let them rest in their pots. Be careful, though. You still need to give them some attention once the flowers have died.

Continued Care

Here is what you can do to get your tulip bulbs soil-ready for the following year:

  • Keep them properly watered: It is essential to maintain adequate moisture levels in the soil. Water your tulips regularly, but don’t overdo it.
  • Groom the foliage: Deadhead any dead or dying petals to allow air and light to reach the leaves. You can use pruning shears to snip off the affected area.
  • Fertilize sparingly: Once the flowers have died back, a light application of fertilizer can give your bulbs energy boost for the following season. Just remember to use a low-nitrogen product.
  • Move them to a shadier spot: You can put the pots in the light shade, to protect the bulbs from the intense sunlight and scorching heat of summer.

Wait for the Right Time

You may be anxious to get your tulips flowering again after their beautiful show, but it’s important to wait for the right time. Planting too early can easily lead to the bulbs rotting due to cold weather and heavy rains. It’s best to wait until late summer or early fall before replanting your tulip bulbs in their pots.


Wondering what to do with tulip bulbs in pots after flowering? Proper care and maintenance after the flowers have died back is key to healthy bulbs that can bloom again the following year. Give them some attention, and with a little luck, your tulips will be ready to rock and roll in the springtime!