what to do with tulips in pots after flowering

what to do with tulips in pots after flowering

What to do with Tulips in Pots after Flowering?

Tulips are a beautiful and vibrant sight when in bloom, and they can be kept for years in pots or garden beds. However, what to do with the pots of tulips after they’ve finished flowering is a question that many gardeners have. Here are some ideas on what to do with tulips in pots after flowering:

Leave the Bulbs in the Pot

The bulbs of tulips are capable of surviving for a few years in a pot, and often don’t need to be removed and replanted. After taking the dying flowers off you can simply leave the pot of tulips as it is and enjoy their foliage until the end of the season.

Move the Bulbs to Garden Beds

If you’d prefer to move the bulbs to garden beds, you can do this as soon as they’ve finished flowering. If you’d like to keep them in pots for longer, then wait for the leaves to die and the soil to dry out before moving them.

Store the Bulbs for Planting

When the foliage has died you can harvest the bulbs. Carefully remove them from the pot and shake off any excess soil. Place them on a tray and leave them in a cool, dry, and dark place over the winter. The following year, you can replant them in different pots or garden beds.

Don’t Throw Away the Foliage

Even after the tulips have finished flowering, there are still several uses for them. The foliage can be used as a natural fertilizer, mulch, or compost. The leaves can also be dried and used for wreaths and dried flower arrangements.

Enjoy Tulips Again and Again

By following the above tips, you can enjoy tulips in pots year after year. With a little bit of care and attention, you can make sure that your tulips look beautiful and vibrant for many springs to come.