what to plant with cosmos in pots

what to plant with cosmos in pots

Tips for Planting Cosmos in Pots

Are you looking for tips on what to plant with cosmos plants in pots? Look no further! Cosmos are a stunningly beautiful flower that can bring any garden or container to life. Here are some tips for what to plant with cosmos to best utilize the beauty and vibrancy of this classic flower.

Choose a Companion Plant

When planting cosmos in pots, choose a companion plant that will add to the look and feel of your container. Consider the combination of warm and cold colours to create an eye-catching contrast. Here are some of the best companion plants to choose:

  • Marigold: Marigolds provide a warm and inviting feel with their bright orange and yellow colours.
  • Verbena: Verbena will add a splash of bold colour to the container with their vibrant purples and blues.
  • Geranium: Geraniums come in a range of colours, from reds to pinks and whites, which can provide a subtle yet sophisticated look.
  • Lavender: Lavender can bring a calming touch to the container with its soothing purples and blues.

Choose the Right Pot

When planting cosmos in pots, it’s important to choose a pot that will give your flowers enough space to thrive. Ideally, you should choose a pot that has some depth and width in order to give the roots enough room to grow. If the pot is too shallow, the roots won’t be able to expand properly, and your flowers won’t thrive.

Prepare the Soil

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate pot for your cosmos, make sure to prepare the soil before planting. The soil should be well-draining and loose so that the roots can get adequate oxygen and nutrients. Consider adding compost to the soil to ensure that your flowers will have enough nutrients.

Water and Fertilize

Finally, it’s important to water the containers regularly and fertilize them every few weeks. This will help ensure that your cosmos plants have the necessary nutrients to grow and flourish, and will provide vibrant blooms throughout the growing season.

By following these simple tips for planting cosmos in pots, you will be able to create stunning containers filled with vibrant blooms that are sure to bring beauty and colour to your garden.