what to plant with mint in a pot

what to plant with mint in a pot

What to Plant with Mint in a Pot

Gardening with mint is a great activity, especially in a pot due to its easy care and natural aroma. Though mint is a great standalone plant, there are certain companions to pair with it in a pot to enhance its growth and yield great results.

Companion Plants

  • Basil: Traditional gardeners suggest planting basil with mint due to the potential plant synergy. Basil and mint have a natural affinity both in the culinary world and in the garden. They make a great back and forth team – basil provides structure to the pot and mint tends to trail along, grounding it.
  • Cilantro: Cilantro, just like basil, offers more of a structured support to branching mint. It should be noted that cilantro needs a bit more water than the average mint, so extra attention is needed while they grow side-by-side.
  • Thyme: A more structured herb, thyme is a great choice to pair with mint in a pot, as it grows at an identical rate to mint, but requires less water. What’s more, thyme helps repel ants, which are otherwise attracted to the intense growing mint.
  • Strawberries: Planting strawberries with mint can make a great combination. Strawberries add a great visual element while the mint creates additional shade and much need soil nutrition.

Location Consideration

Mint is a sun-loving and thirsty plant, so make sure your pot is placed in a spot where it will get 4-6 of direct sunlight each day and will be easy to water.


Finally, planting mint with one or more companion plants in a pot can provide great yields and a unique addition to your garden. Though there are a few guidelines to follow, overall it should be a relatively easy and enjoyable experience!