when to pot up tomato seedlings

when to pot up tomato seedlings

When to Pot up Tomato Seedlings

There are several signs that can indicate it is time to pot up your tomato seedlings. Below are 3 key signs to look out for:

1. Roots Appearing through Drainage Hole

If your seedlings have become too large for their container and you can begin to see the roots through the drainage hole, it is probably time to pot up. This is a clear indication that the roots are beginning to outgrow the container and as such need more space in order to develop properly.

2. Development of Second Leaves (Cotyledons)

Young tomato seedlings will initially develop two leaves which are known as cotyledons. As the seedlings begin to form their true leaves and mature, they will need more space to develop. This is usually a good indication that it is time to pot up your seedlings.

3. Wilting/Poor Growth

If you notice that your seedlings are starting to wilt or are having poor growth with small leaves, this is a sign that it is time to pot up. Poor growth can be caused by a lack of space, restricting the seedlings ability to meet its nutrient and water requirements.

Once your seedlings are ready to be potted up, you should ensure that the new container is slightly larger than the previous one (around 1-2 inches should do). Additionally, it is important to ensure that the pot you use has good drainage.