where to find cracked pots elden ring

where to find cracked pots elden ring

Cracked Pots Elder Ring: Where to Get Them

Cracked Pots Elder Ring is a sought after item for the avid Elder Scrolls fan. While the item is rare, there are a few ways to find it.


The most reliable way to find Cracked Pot Elder Rings is through vendors. Most vendors in the Tamriel world will carry the item. However, it may be expensive as it is a rare and valuable item.


Another way to obtain Cracked Pot Elder Rings is by exploring dungeons in the world of Tamriel. The chance of finding Elder Rings is increased if you bring a group of friends or a guild. Dungeon crawling is a great way to get rare items and other treasures.


Occasionally, Elder Rings may be rewarded for completing a quest. When starting new quests, always be on the lookout for the reward that may come with it. More often than not, it is something valuable or rare like the Cracked Pot Elder Ring.


Finally, it is possible to craft Elder Rings at certain crafting stations. Although it can be quite expensive and time consuming, it is still an option. The items needed to craft a Cracked Pot Elder Ring can usually be found at vendors or as rewards for quests.

To sum up, these are the best ways to get a Cracked Pot Elder Ring:

  • Vendors – Reliable but often expensive
  • Dungeons – Great for exploring to get rare items
  • Quests – Occasionally rewarded when completing quests
  • Crafting – Consume items and time to make your own rings

Happy Hunting!