where to recycle old pots and pans

where to recycle old pots and pans

Where to Recycle Old Pots and Pans

Dealing with old pots and pans can be a bit tricky. Oftentimes, they are too big to simply throw away in the trash, and you may not have the resources to repurpose them yourself. Fortunately, it is possible to recycle them and give them a new life. Here are some great places to recycle old pots and pans.

Recycling Centers

Many local recycling centers accept pots and pans for a small fee. Some centers may require an item to be broken down, which can be as simple as removing the lids or handles. It is also a good idea to remove any food residue from the pots and pans so that they can be easily recycled. Check the website or contact your local recycling center to find out more about their policies and procedures.

Metal Buy-Backs

If you are looking to get a little money out of the deal, you may want to find a metal buy-back center near you. These centers often accept a variety of scrap metal, including pots and pans. Before you take your metal to a buy-back center, do a bit of research to find the one that offers the best rates.

Community Groups

There may be local groups and organizations near you that are willing to take your old pots and pans off of your hands. Schools, churches, and other community organizations may be looking for materials that can be repurposed for a variety of reasons. If you have old pots and pans, search online for local groups in need and get in touch with them.


Donating your pots and pans is another great way to put them to good use.

Here are a few great places to donate your old pots and pans:

  • Homeless Shelters– Donating your pots and pans to a homeless shelter or soup kitchen can help make meals for those in need.
  • Thrift Stores– Look for a thrift store near you that accepts pots and pans. These items may be used in store displays or donate them to customers looking for a bargain.
  • Charity Programs– Charitable programs may accept donations of pots and pans for their programs. Look for local programs in need near you and get in touch to see if they have use for your items.

Recycling old pots and pans can be a great way to help the environment and put them to good use. Remember, if possible, to remove any food residue before taking items to the recycling center or buy-back centers for optimal recycling.