why are my potted palms turning yellow

why are my potted palms turning yellow

Why Are My Potted Palms Turning Yellow?

As a proud plant parent, there is nothing worse than coming home to find that your potted palms are turning yellow despite you providing them with the right care.

Before assuming the worst, it’s usually best to take a step back and assess the situation. Here are a few potential causes of yellowing potted palms and how to fix them:

Excessive Water

Potted palms require less water than you might think. Over-watering can cause root rot, which can block the plant’s nutrient absorption capabilities. To combat this, make sure you only water the plant when the topsoil layer is dry.

Soil Quality

In addition to keeping an eye on watering, it is important to consider the soil quality of your potted palms. It should be well-draining and loose, and replace it every year or two to avoid nutrient deficiencies.

Poor Lighting

It is no secret that palms are light-hungry plants, and they require a certain amount of sunlight to survive. If your potted palm is looking a bit ill, it might be lack of sunlight that’s causing the yellowing. Find a spot near the window and place your plant there.

Fertilizer Application

Finally, remember to fertilize your palm regularly during the growing season. Choose a fertilizer specifically designed for potted palms and use it according to the directions.

By ruling out potential causes of yellowing potted palms, you can make sure your plant stays in good shape. Properly activating your green thumb may take a bit of effort, but it will be worth it when your beloved potted palm is healthy and fully green again.