why do pot fillers have two handles

why do pot fillers have two handles

Why Do Pot Fillers Have Two Handles?

Pot fillers are an essential piece of kitchen equipment for those who enjoy cooking and require a fuss-free way of filling and refilling large pots with water. But why do most pot fillers have two handles?

Having two handles offers a few different advantages for those who use them:

Easy Maneuverability

Having two handles allows you to easily maneuver the pot filler in different directions. This is especially useful when you’re attempting to fit a large pot underneath the faucet. The handles allow you to create more space when you need move around thicker cookware.

Safety Features

The two handles also provide a safety benefit when you’re managing a full pot of water. A two-handled pot filler can help you distribute the weight of the pot more evenly when it’s filled with water. This reduces the risk of it tipping over and spilling as you carry it.

Precise Temperature Control

Finally, the two handles offer extra control when you’re adjusting the temperature of the water. Having two handles allows you to make more accurate adjustments to the water and better control the mix of hot and cold for the perfect temperature you want.


Overall, pot fillers are an incredibly useful addition to any kitchen. The two handles make them easier to maneuver, help with weight distribution and give you more accurate control over the temperature of the water.
So now you know the importance and advantages two-handled pot fillers offer.