why is my instant pot not sealing properly

why is my instant pot not sealing properly

Why Is My Instant Pot Not Sealing Properly?

Have you noticed that your Instant Pot isn’t sealing properly? Are you concerned and unsure why? There are usually a few common causes when Instant Pots fail to seal.

Possible Causes of an Improperly Sealing Instant Pot

  • Floating Valve Is Not Leveled: If the floating valve isn’t sitting level, air can be sucked in and prevent the pot from sealing.
  • Dirt or Debris Around the Seal or Rim: Ensure that the rim and the silicone seal are free from dirt or debris before closing the lid.
  • Seals Are Worn Out: Nothing lasts forever. If your seals are worn out or damaged, they won’t be able to create an airtight seal and the Instant Pot won’t pressurize.
  • Incorrectly Installed: Make sure that the float valve is correctly inserted, the sealing ring is properly installed, the gasket is correctly positioned, and the lid is securely closed.

Tips for Ensuring Your Instant Pot Seals Properly

  • Ensure Nothing is Obstructing the Lid: Remove any utensils, spices, or other items that may be blocking the lid as this will prevent it from locking properly.
  • Check That the Float Valve Is Level: This is usually the most common issue. You can move the valve up and down and ensure that it settles level.
  • Check the Ring for Debris and Clean It Yourself or Replace It: Carefully remove and inspect the Silicone ring. Gently hand wash it with soap and water or replace it.
  • Always Hand-wash All Lid Components: After each use, the lid, the silicone ring, and the float valve should be hand washed with soapy water to ensure everything is cleaned correctly.


It’s easy to overlook the common maintenance issues that can prevent your Instant Pot from sealing properly. Always make sure that the lid is correctly installed before each use, inspect the Silicone ring for debris, and make sure the float valve is sitting correctly. If all else fails, you may need to replace the seals or lid components. Following these tips can help keep your Instant Pot properly sealed.